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  1. Look Randy, you really don't understand what I am all about here. I deal with a lot of snub nosed buttmonkeys in the industry and I really don't appreciate you calling me "Nicky." I have a reason to be a little cocky when I am a publisher if you looked at the Joliet Herald News in 2011 I got one of my anthologies in a museum, then on the death anniversary in 2012 -- the sequel, my first collection and third book, the five year memoir. You want an understanding about me take the time and plunk down your hard earned money on to buy the book from there -- what they pay me, I can't even buy a postage stamp. If I was a terrible author, I would not been able to have an oil painting done based upon one of my short stories -- this is the anhology that got the oil painting by S.L. Wickham.

  2. I don't recall calling you Nicky, Nick. And certainly not on this site -- as we've never communicated on this site nor discussed your work here. As for your work, if you would like to be reviewed at AFitD, please feel free to email a copy.