Sunday, February 24, 2013

IV: Zombie-themed Album Covers from Christian Bands

For the first post on another new feature here at AFitD, I decided to combine two personal loves: zombies and Christian music. Today's list includes four Christian album covers featuring zombie or undead imagery. With each, I'll also include a sample track, if I can, from the album in question. Just to give you a taste. Enjoy!

1. Romero, The Awakening

Even the group's name is evocative of zombie culture. I recently got the chance to talk to these guys about their ministry and influences. The members of this deathcore band have a love of horror cinema and a passion for spreading the gospel. For those who can understand what they're saying, anyway.

Plus, there's honestly something I love about hand-drawn covers.

2. Vengeance Rising, Once Dead

Vengeance Rising, sometimes described as thrash, sometimes death metal, always extreme, has always been one of my favorite groups. Sue me. Once Dead is the final album featuring the founding members of the group, before the core musicians split off to form Die Happy. Roger Martinez stayed behind, made some other albums (Released Upon The Earth is a notable, excellent album), and then went off the deep end, denying Christ and deciding to turn into an atheist. It's a tragic story, and one worth exploring. In the meantime, we're left with this, a fantastic album with an almost whimsical cover featuring the members of the band rising from their respective graves. Cheesy? Maybe a little. But who cares?

3. Soul Embraced, Dead Alive

Featuring members of metalcore pioneers Living Sacrifice, Soul Embraced has a new album coming from Rottweiler Records. Dead Alive features great writing and solid death metal. A side note -- and I've mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating -- this is the band that wrote the song "My Tourniquet," which was covered by Evanescence (Drummer Rocky Gray also played frums for that band).

4. The Deadlines, The Death and Life Of... 

When this group started, they were a horrorpunk band -- the first and only (to date) such group ever on the Tooth & Nail label. Though they have kept their psychobilly/surf punk sound, they left behind their horror roots after the debut album. Still, the debut was a ton of fun, and has a cool cover, to boot.

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