Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Greg Mitchell's Dark Hour: Bits & Pieces 02.20.13

The final installment in Greg Mitchell's "The Coming Evil" trilogy drops today. Mitchell is celebrating the release of Dark Hour on his website. The new novel concludes the story begun in The Strange Man and continued in Enemies of the Cross

You can find his new book on Amazon

Speaking of Amazon, Pete Turner's recent Kindle giveaway for Whisper From the Woods (book two of his "Noche Files") was successful. The author reports 1240 copies were downloaded the day of his event. The first book of the series, Whisper a Scream, also landed at the number 3 spot for Christian mysteries on Kindle. 

In the world of music, former shockrockers Rackets & Drapes are back, but have left behind their industrial horror rock past and moved into a darkwave-inspired techno-industrial. They plan on releasing their new album this October at Gothicon. You can catch up on R&D news, and hear samples of their new material, via their Facebook page.

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