Thursday, October 18, 2012

AFitD Announces Titles and Authors for Monsters! Anthology!

Well, it's slow going, but I am almost absurdly pleased to announce the list of authors and titles for our first ever anthology, Monsters!

Monsters exist. Sure, they don't exactly advertise it, but they're out there. Some people know about them -- about the vampires, werewolves, boogiemen, and other creatures that walk the night -- but most remain wilfully (and blissfully) oblivious.

This is the world of's very first horror anthology, Monsters! 

We've gotten many submissions, and have selected from among the best of them 15 stories to keep you up at night, give you shivers of delight, and make you think. 

In no particular order:
"Visitor Bob," a unique look at the bogeyman by Ellen C. Maze
"Divide and Conquer," wherein author Greg Mitchell looks at a different kind of vampire
"Running Late," a vampire tale by Pauline Creeden
"Closet Commentary," Teric Darken's tale of voices in the night
"Willing Blood," A vampire tale with a twist by Kat Heckenbach
"We Create Them," Thomas Smith's look at poverty through a lens of horror
"Invisible Intruder," by Stoney Setzer
"Twelfth Night," a Christmas story by Sean Philips
"Psychobabble, Toil, and Trouble," in which Stephen McQuiggan laments the loss of our monsters
"Of the Lake," JR Roper's tale of aquatic terror
"More Lives," a cat tale by Dana Bell
"Smoke," a good old-fashioned werewolf story -- or is it? -- by Jeremy Tyler
"Holy Angels," Delphine Boswell's story of a church's uninvited guest
"Rolling in the Deep," a decidedly Lovecraftian tale by David West
"Cornhusker," a tender, coming-of-age story (mua ha ha ha) by Tim Ward

And maybe one or two other goodies to go along with them! Watch for the eBook still to come this month, and the print version to be released at a date to be determined!


  1. This is gonna be cool. Thanks for putting this together, Streu. <><+><>

  2. Looks great! Thanks for doing this!--SMS

  3. Thanks, and thank you for your contributions! It's going to be a fantastic anthology, and it's all your fault!

  4. I'm super excited as well, as this is my first publication credit. I had an idea to help market if any of you would like to be interviewed. I'm a podcaster, so I can do audio or video (written, too, if you prefer). Here's the form letter I'm sending to the authors, in case I don't find all of your contact info:

    I'm a part of the Coffin Hop blog tour, which runs from the 24th to the 31st of October, and thought it would be fun to run an interview each day. If you've never been on a podcast, or are unsure, it's really easy. I can call you on your phone, or if you have a mic and a headset, call you via skype. We could even do a video interview via Google + Hangout. If you're interested, any time work best for you in the next week? I get off work at 3pm CST, and am available until 7:30pm. (wake up super early for kickboxing).

  5. Messages sent out to all but:
    Sean Philips
    JR Roper
    Stephen McQuiggan
    Jeremy Tyler

    If you'd like to be interviewed, email me at

  6. That sounds great! I can't wait to read Tim Ward's story!

  7. Excited to read and promote this work. And happy to be a contributor.

    Sounds great Tim. Sent you an e-mail.